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Undergo a comprehensive eye examination by one our eye care experts.

Your eye examination

Unlike a standard eye test, a full eye examination includes an element of diagnostic testing for wider health concerns. This includes:
  • A visual performance check
  • Prescription measurement
  • Retinal photography, where we take a picture of the parts of your eye that are not visible from the surface – this can help to detect conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes and AMD.

your experience

We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed during your eye examination, so our optometrist will be happy to discuss all aspects of the test with you before proceeding. If you have questions, we are happy for you to ask them! We are happy to allow all the time that you need to make sure your experience with us leaves you confident that your eyes are receiving the highest quality of care. If you want to have a chaperone or a family member in the room with you, please let our receptionist know when you book your appointment and we will make sure your needs are accommodated.
Regular sight testing is important for everybody, but it is particularly important as we get older; eye examinations can allow us to catch the warning signs of a number of conditions that can be better managed if they are detected early on. Book an appointment to receive your eye examination, and peace of mind, today.

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