Our lenses are made with advanced lens technology, providing the clearest, sharpest vision.

Lenses that enhance every day

When you choose your glasses, it is important that you think about more than just the frames. The most important part of a pair of spectacles is the prescription lens, which can hugely impact your everyday visual experience. From single vision to varifocals, there are many types of lenses with an incredible diversity of function and performance. As a KODAK Lens Vision Centre, we provide the most advanced lens technology, developed by a global leader of lens design that offers enhanced vision correction for all of your visual needs.

Whatever your lifestyle

We can offer lenses and lens finishes that are tailored to complement and enhance your day to day vision. We will devote as much time to you as you need, and we don’t just take into account your prescription when we make your lens recommendation. It’s important to us that you are happy with your choice of glasses, so we will also consider your choice of frame, your regular environment and your comfort to make sure that we recommend products that are right for you.
We have the KODAK Lens technology that you need to support your eyes, whether you are a regular road user, working in the office or even an extreme sports athlete. Call us or book an appointment to discuss how we are able to help you.

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