Contact Lenses

We offer free trials on contact lenses, to give you the freedom and time to make the right choice for you.

Making the right choice

At Nicholas Watson Opticians, we know that spectacles aren’t the right choice in every situation or for every patient. Alongside our great selection of frames and lenses, we offer a range of contact lenses. We want to give you the freedom to choose your ideal eye care solution. Our contact lens brands feature the latest technological advances and are made with your confidence and comfort in mind.


Contact lens tips

Although our optometrist will give you plenty of information on using and caring for your contact lenses, here are a few of our top tips for healthy, comfortable contact lens use:
  • Use your lenses for the time directed. Replace your contact lenses as often as instructed by your optometrist; over wearing can lead to discomfort and other more serious issues over time.
  • Look after your lenses. Keep your contact lenses clean. If you are unable to disinfect them with fresh solution on removal, dispose of them and wear a new pair.
  • Have a backup plan! Always carry a spare pair of glasses in case you have to remove your contact lenses unexpectedly.
If you want to discuss whether contact lenses are right for you, call our team at Nicholas Watson or visit us in practice. You will need an up to date prescription or a current eye test with us, so make sure you have that information to hand or book an appointment with us today!

We are here to help you make the right choice

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